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October 15, 2007

Hello! Good day to you all.

Last week, I was talking to a client of mine about the show The Biggest Loser. I am a fan of Jillian Michaels. She has an extremely disciplined program and is a “tough love” type of trainer. Because I was an athlete in high school and college, I still maintain much of the disciplined lifestyle I used to adhere to during season.

It isn’t even a question to me anymore–I just made the choice that living a healthful lifestyle was at the top of my list and I’ve never looked back. Jillian is huge on discipline, and so am I. If your body and your health are at the top of your “important” list, then listen up. I am going to tell you what it takes to REALLY get the body that you want.

When you think of the person/celeb/athlete’s body you admire, how far are you willing to go to achieve it? How important is it to you? If looking great is high priority, then you MUST MAKE IT HIGH PRIORITY. Let me get this straight–you absolutely cannot eat what you want and look like Gisele or Madonna, unless you were born with amazing genetics.

Yes, these people have more opportunities to look great, but they are just like you and I. They may have personal chefs, trainers, and other accomodations that you don’t have, but they also have to adopt an extremely disciplined lifestyle to maintain their looks. IT IS NOT EASY!

I want to get this through to people because I feel that it is the #1 reason why most people do not achieve their goals. They do not fully commit themselves to what they are trying to do.

Some of the lines I often hear are:

“I’m only human” (yes, you are…thank you!)
“You only have one life to live” (really??)
“Life is too short” (I agree)
“I don’t want to give up the things I love” (okay, then! NO problem)
“It is too hard” (no, it really isn’t–but you have to want it bad enough)
“Who has the time” (you have the same number of hours that every single human being on the planet has)
“But I was on vacation” (and…so what??!)

The list goes on and on. You get the point. If you truly believe that life is too short to be ultra disciplined, that is PERFECTLY OKAY! I am not saying that you must give up everything you love.

It is okay to indulge from time to time. BUT…if yo make this a habit (which many people do–there will always be work dinners, parties, and vacations) do not expect to get to your goal as quickly, or ever, for that matter. You cannot eat whatever you want and expect to see results. It just doesn’t work that way. Sorry.

I think that there needs to be a health revolution in this country. Our children are growing obese, adults are growing more obese, health issues are on the rise, just to name a few. Why? I don’t think people are educated about nutrition & exercise. As far as we have come as a society in regards to health/fitness, we still have a ways to go.

People still overeat, still buy heavily processed food, and still overload their bodies with toxic chemicals and junk-food. Until we re-educate ourselves and start truly understanding what the body needs and wants, we will keep seeing a rise in the obesity epidemic.

But I have digressed–the point of this post–discipline! Be disciplined! Get to your goal! Do it now and feel great and confident in what you are doing and never mind what anyone else says or does. You are worth it!

With love,

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