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Laziness & Fast Food

October 23, 2007

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day!

This weekend, I had a friend in town who requested that I stop by a fast food joint to pick him up some food so that he could happily watch football games without having to leave my apartment. I gladly accepted, and I stopped by a nearby Taco Bell.

I drove into the lot and was shocked at the amount of people lined up on cars to get food (I haven’t been to a Taco Bell in a long, long time). I quickly drove out of the lot and parked in a nearby parking lot to avoid the chaos of the cluster of cars at Taco Bell. I parked, got out of my car and WALKED to the store, and ordered the food inside. Not too many people inside. But outside, the line of cars wrapped around the building and started to spill into the street.

So, conclusion (and reality) is-not only are mass amounts of people still eating poor quality fast food, but many are even too lazy to park their cars and WALK to the building. It was truly a sad, sad sight to behold.

I feel that California is ahead of much of the country in regards to a general awareness of health/fitness topics. There are more fitness facilities here, more health food stores, and in general, more people exercising at any given time of day.

However, fast food joints still rule, and people are still eating at them on a regular basis. Fast food is not food at all, and we must stop eating it if we are going to realize optimum health. Do not fool yourselves. The majority of fast food is NOT FOOD!

Yes, there are better options. In and out. Subway. Wendy’s. However, these options need to be limited as well.

In optimal health,

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