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Thanksgiving!!! & my favorite website

November 19, 2007

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving week!

Tis the season-time to be grateful and to be with friends and family. Also, it’s time to eat, eat, eat! Don’t let the holidays set you back; you can still enjoy yourself and get through the holiday season without the dreaded weight gain. A few tips to get you through:

If you are know you are going to be indulging or imbibing, be sure to get out and exercise a bit more than you normally would. Remember, every calorie counts, even that handful of nuts, the glass of eggnog, the bite of this, and nibble of that…it ALL counts, and unless you do something to offset the calorie intake, you will notice an increase on the scale!

Try not to consume your calories in liquid form, unless the treat is your absolute favorite and you cannot do without. Holidays drinks range from eggnog to hot alcoholic drinks to hot chocolate and they all can be extremely high in calories, so watch out!

Try to get out before or after Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of lounging around all day, keep moving-get out for a long walk or jog beforehand and afterward, if you are able. Move, move, move! Enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving, but get right back on it the next day.

A lot of people end up eating leftovers, which is fine, but steer clear of the fatty foods..i.e..mashed potatoes and stuffing, and opt for the lean turkey instead. And please, don’t starve yourself all day long on Thanksgiving, and then gorge at dinner. No, no, no! :o)

If you blow it one day, don’t let that turn into the two days, then three…which sometimes does happen after we mess up and eat too much for a day. So you overdid it one day, no problem! Be extra careful the next day, fill up on fibrous vegetables and protein, and be sure to sweat!

One dessert is okay, but a few tastes of 6 different desserts is not. Decide what you want, have it (a small portion), then be done with it.

Think about all the hard work you put into your health & body, and then decide if having that extra slice of pie is worth it. If it is, remember that 500 calories is equal to about an hour on the eliptical, 50 minutes of running, and over an hour of biking.

Also, if you have the time and if you are interested, I want to share my favorite website with you. It’s Dr. Mercola is a holistic doctor, and I feel he is on the cutting edge of so many health and nutrition topics. His website is amazing-you can search just about anything, and you will find the information you need. Be open minded, however. His approach is non-conventional, but I feel he is right on about so many topics that are relevant today.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! I am thankful you are all in my life! I truly enjoy working with each and every one of you and I wish you all perfect health & well-being.

With Love,

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