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What do YOU eat/do?

December 2, 2007


I get asked this question a lot. What I eat and what I do for exercise. I am going to address it in this blog. 🙂

This question no longer bothers me because I am very proud of the lifestyle I live/love. I used to be more secretive about my insane eating habits, but I am forward and honest with people now. There is nothing to hide.

Because I don’t eat packaged food, people ask me how I do this. What on earth is there to eat, one may ask. I tell them that this is the mind-frame of most Americans who have spent their lives eating processed, packaged food. Because it is so easy and because there is so much variety, when one decides he/she wants to embark on a healthier lifestyle, all of a sudden, food is scarce!

No it is not! Vegetables-do you know expansive the variety of vegetables can be? Fruits? Whole grains? Meats? Legumes? It does take a bit of time and getting used to, but you can train your palate to accept and love the food of Mother Nature. Trust in it! Your body does not lie!

More on what I do! Okay, are you ready? I do not eat processed food (only in desperate situations-once or twice a year). I stay away from restaurants as much as possible. I do not eat sugar (most of the time). I rarely drink alcohol (only on special occasions). I do not eat out of a box (except for a few cereals). I eat organic (mostly). I spend a lot of time preparing food. I try to lift weights 2-3 times a week and do cardio 3-4 times a week (sometimes that does not happen, however). I read labels VERY carefully. I am careful with portion sizes. I do not eat when rushed. I chew my food slowly and very thoroughly. I have been happily off caffeine for 3 weeks (yay). I eat a ton of vegetables. I stay away from dairy as much as possible. I do not eat any white flour and limit bread products.  I constantly read up on and research ways that I can improve my health.

My downfalls are (we all have them): I probably don’t sleep enough. I can be an obsessive exercise addict. I have a very, very strong sweet tooth (probably from my diabetic father-he used to drink 10 bottles of Mountain Dew a day!). I love strong flavors and probably like my food too salty (good thing my BP is extremely low). I am addicted to and dream about ice cream. I can eat the same thing every single day-I do not get bored (and this is not good! variety is good!).

Retraining the brain and replacing old habits can take years. Enjoying this lifestyle was not an overnight mission. I started becoming more conscious of what I was eating when I was 16 years old. I took baby steps, but I was always in tune with what I wanted to do and I stayed dedicated to my goals.

But now, it truly feels so “normal” and right that I cannot even think about swaying. I love eating this way-truly. I do not crave fast-food, and it actually repulses me. I love eating a simple diet of vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, and legumes. I love exercise because I feel it is freeing and gives me peace of mind.

I do crave certain foods though-candy and ice cream-and I do have them on occasion. But I do know when I am going to have them and I try to limit desserts to holidays and birthdays. Sometimes, I don’t feel the need for them even then.

So, that’s it. That is what I am about. I know you are excited to start your own adventure. I’ll meet you at Whole Foods. Vegetable section? 🙂

Until next time, be empowered!


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