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Exercise Enthusiast Award

April 27, 2008

Every few months, I have decided to write about someone who I think has shown superior effort and/or dedication and commitment. I enjoy training each and every one of you, so this is my way of saying “GREAT JOB”, but in more detail.

I have been training a particular enthusiast for about three years now, and this woman still continues to amaze me by what she is capable of. She is not the heaviest lifter, and yes, she has her days when she doesn’t want to do it. However, the mental strength of Debbie Wells is amazing.

I have always considered myself mentally tough, but, I think I may have met my match! 🙂 Debbie has never missed a work-out because of anything less than being completely sick (that is COMMITMENT), and she is up before the crack of dawn every day for a run. I have seen her complete 5am hour and half long work-outs (with her equally as tough counterpart, Janet), run intervals around a track, run sand hills as if they were ant hills.

And this is only what I’ve seen-she has completed marathons and races that would make even the strongest runner cry (run up Mt. Baldy? 3 hour run in the sand?? Ummm, no thanks!). When she is inside studio doors, yes, there is a brief moment of post-work fatigue, but no more complaints pass through her lips. Every now and then there is the look of death glare, but I always ignore it with a smile because I know she will continue with the work-out until its completion. One of my favorite quotes by Debbie:

“Stress is no excuse for poor exercise habits”

Ha! Yes, sometimes Debbie can be an extremist. Her exercise habits are not for the beginner or for the mentally weak. Sometimes I’d wish she’d be less stressed about missing a work-out or two. But, I most definitely admire her strength and determination. She is open and willing to try almost anything, without fear.

Debbie, I congratulate you on being ONE TOUGH WOMAN! Remember, on days when you are being too hard on yourself, you are doing more than 98% of the population is doing. Cheers to that!

See you at your favorite place-the track! 😉


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