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Media pressure

September 17, 2008


I don’t know how I came across this page, but somehow I did. This article showed pictures of former supermodel Cindy Crawford in a bikini while vacationing. The article went on to to caption one of the photos: Unsightly: Cindy Crawford’s stretch marks.–shows-shes-human-all.html

This article was titled, “Cindy Crawford reveals her stretch marks, and shows she’s human after all”. This is absolute garbage, in my opinion. One, the woman is 41 years old and has two children. Two, there is absolutely NOTHING unsightly about stretch marks, for they are a part of life after giving birth (for most women), and can appear from weight loss or gain as little as 10 pounds. Since when does the media have a right to start labeling normal body changes as “unsightly”. This simply disgusts me.

I feel that these types of subliminal messages have done some damage to our perception of what is beautiful and “normal”. It seems that we are in a constant battle to stay young, fighting age with botox and surgeries and lotions and potions, berating ourselves for having cellulite or stretch marks or a few extra pounds.

I am in favor of doing your best to look as good as you feel necessary; however, I do think that we (woman & men)have a very distorted view on what we should look like. It is the norm to look like Madonna (I use her as an example a lot in my blogs, I know) at age 50. It is not normal to be as skinny as an actress or model. It is not normal to have a face as pulled back as Priscilla Presley. Flaws are normal. Cellulite is normal. Aging is NORMAL.

I wish the media would go away and let us be, once and for all! I wonder if the media is as bad in other countries or is it just something that the U.S. has to deal with? I’ll look into it.

Cindy, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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