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Calorie Counting

November 10, 2008

Happy November! My favorite time of year. Let’s take a moment to discuss the subject of calorie counting.

It’s the line I’ve heard all too often.

“I’m eating well, doing everything right, but I’m not losing weight”. I do believe that in some people, weight loss is more difficult to achieve-different body types and metabolisms and especially if you are trying to lose “the last 5 lbs”, you may run into more difficulty than someone trying to lose a larger amount of weight (due to the fact that you now need less calories). Weight loss is actually pretty scientific-calories in versus calories out. And unless you have thyroid issues or you are dealing with great hormonal shifts, then this equation works for just about everyone.

I know, sorry to break it to you.

What I’m getting at is this-if you feel that you are being very good with exercise and diet, but you aren’t losing more weight, I urge you to try to use an online calorie tracker. If you spend a little time doing this for one week, you will see how many calories are going into your body. I think it can be truly eye-opening.

I think that most people underestimate how much they eat on any given day, and go out to eat a few times on the weekend, overindulge, and you just may set yourself back another few pounds. The sad truth is-we don’t need a lot of food to live. 1,600-2,000 calories (the amount most people need) is NOT a lot folks!

If you really want to lose those last few pounds, you MUST get really anal and clean out all the extras for awhile. And if you want to keep the weight off, you have to keep track of your calories, plain and simple. For example, if you decide to go out on a Saturday evening and have five drinks, you better make up for it somehow the next day, either with extra exercise or less food. Keep doing that week after week and the weight will creep on, slowly but surely.

And as the metabolism slows down with age, this becomes more and more important to do because the body requires less fuel to function.

Take a look at this website for an online calorie tracker:

And look at this article in the NY Times for more information on calorie counting. It inspired me to write this!

Try it-it may be very eye-opening!

All the Best!

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