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How’s your holiday season going?

December 18, 2008


I just wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing this month. I know it’s a tough time of year to stay away from all the goodies and evils lurking around at parties or in the office.

Well, indulge here and there, have fun, but once the holidays are over, once again, it’ll be time to think about your goals and what you want to achieve in ’09. If you set goals (and I’m not just talking fitness related) for yourself in ’08 and haven’t quite reached them, what is keeping you from doing so?

Take a moment to think about that question. Lack of preparation? Lack of time? Lack of care? Desire? Motivation? Laziness? Education?

I urge you to take a moment to think about that question and dig a bit deeper as to why you may not be accomplishing all that you set for yourself in the beginning of the year (if you did make goals). Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and yes, it is okay to fall off the path…but I always find it amazing when people put their time in any other place except their health. It’s been said a thousand times, but what do we truly have without our health?

So, during the time that you may have off this holiday season, take a second to think about what you want to do in the new year. Set several goals for yourself (not just weight loss goals). I think having intrinsic and extrinsic goals are very important in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

See you all soon! Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Warm Wishes,

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