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Diet Books

April 18, 2009


It’s been awhile since my last post-my apologies!  The past month has been busy, but you’ll be glad to know I haven’t disappeared (I’m here to stay and badger you all until you get my message). 🙂

I came across an article in a popular magazine that promoted a new diet book-one that is supposed to cure one of his or her belly fat.  The author, a highly acclaimed health and fitness expert, is one I believe is a talented guru but his book seems to be a bit…interesting. He has created what is termed the S/C Value, a food value system that is a bit hard to follow.

Although his diet plan may work (any plan that restricts sugar/carbs/calories will work), I don’t understand why fitness gurus are making up foolish terms and systems that haven’t been backed up by any science at all.

In the article, a woman who lost 13 pounds in one week (although not impossible, unhealthy), claimed “The best thing is…I got to eat things I never thought I could eat, like chocolate, Doritos, and ice cream”.

Wow! That’s one hell of a diet.  Where can I sign up? Let’s be real folks.  You certainly CAN eat these things (in moderation), but what the majority of the population will get from this is “oh, I can eat anything I want and lose my belly fat!”.

Yes, people are gullible and searching for the easiest route to weight loss, when in fact, there is no easy route unless you are genetically blessed with a metabolism which will allow you to eat anything you desire.

My advice is to ditch the diet books,  and don’t believe the hype.  I DO believe in reading material which is sound and which has been backed up by valid evidence.  I feel you should spend those dollars getting to understand why you may be emotionally attached to food or why you cannot break certain habits.  If you don’t get to the root of your problem, it can never be “fixed”.

I’m tired of the plethora of books filled with information which is confusing and perplexing.  Please do your homework first before choosing a health and fitness book.  There are plenty of good ones out there, you just have to be careful!

Happy April! Summer is on its way! Are you ready?? 😀


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