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“Dieting sucks, get the band”

June 24, 2009

This was plastered across a billboard I saw on Hollywood Blvd. the other day.  “Dieting sucks, get the BAND”.  “Oh dear”, I thought to myself.  Another way to get Americans to choose the easy way out instead of doing what is right.

When someone sees this billboard, that is what is going through their mind. Instead of saying “eating healthfully”, they chose the word “dieting” because dieting does suck, indeed.

So,  instead of dieting, which does suck, the people who created this marketing ploy tell the reader who is dieting to choose the band.  Which solves nothing.

The person who chooses to get the band will continue to have the issues and problems he or she had before the band. Instead of learning how to eat healthfully (which does not suck), make changes to their lifestyle, figure out the root of the problem, the person will choose the way that will create the easiest route, and will allow for the largest amount of weight to be lost in the shortest amount of time.

I don’t blame our media for this entirely, although they certainly don’t make it easy for those with low will-power.

Sure, the band does work and I’m sure it has proven to be a blessing to many people.  But it’s another device that allows our society to take the easy way out, instead of being fully responsible for the situations which we create for ourselves.

The subliminal messages are all around us.  Be Aware!!! Don’t fall for such garbage.  Do the right thing!

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  1. July 9, 2009 11:27 pm

    I agree Committed Fitness…

    It really does come down to lifestyle changes to get the health you desire so much…

    To many times do these marketers put out such a ploy to distract us from reality and suck us into thinking that there is some instant easy fix to the real issue.

    Yet… Studies show that over 70% of health issues are lifestyle related…

    So what does that tell us?

    “Adjust Your Lifestyle” to more of a wellness approach and health can be as easy as we want it to be…

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