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October 14, 2009


I’m back!

Lately the subject of balance has been on my mind and I want to discuss it a bit further, for I feel that we all could use a bit more balance in our lives.

Do you honor your body at all times or do your force yourself to do things that you really don’t want to do because you feel you have to or because you are used to the habit?

An example of what I mean is over exercising out of fear of weight gain or because of addiction.

This summer, I started running more intensely again, but about a month into my training, my back started hurting and I wasn’t sleeping well.  This brought on the idea that it may be time to put my racing/excessive running to bed.  Although I adore the sport and always will and still have a great desire to compete, how is beating up my body serving me now?  I may feel like Ironwoman after completing a hard, hard track workout, but is it healthy to run around in circles at maximum heart rate at this point in my life?

My instincts tell me no.  So, I’ve given up the gut-wrenching workouts in favor of a more balanced routine—more strength training, a little bit of easy running, hiking, and yoga.  It wasn’t until I went to my first yoga class in years that I realized just how inflexible I had become!  My body ached and I laughed as I struggled my way through class.  What an eye opener!

We all can use a bit more balance in our lives; however, many of us ignore our bodies signs until something drastic happens.

So, if you feel out of whack, in pain, or just out of balance, it is not normal.  You must find activities that suit your body and mind, and create a well-rounded program that will leave you feel good-not tired, irritable, or over trained.

Please, from one exercise lover to the next—be easy on yourself!  Create balance!

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  1. October 26, 2009 11:23 pm

    I agree… Balance.

    There was a time when I was doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu like 5 days a week and doing MMA training and just beating myself down. I was physically bruised, damaged, and had chronic pains for several years.

    Finally I had to say, OK… time to take a break and balance this back out. That’s when I too got into Yoga and started doing lighter workouts.

    Now it’s about balancing Body-Mind-Spirit…

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