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“But…organic food is too expensive”

December 6, 2009

Happy Holidays!  The season is here yet once again.

I’ve been eating organic food for about 7 years now.  I started eating organic food when my mom found out she had Multiple Sclerosis and cancer—all within one year.  I quickly changed the way I ate and never looked back.  I don’t know if my dietary/lifestyle habits will prevent future ailments, but I’m going to do the best I can to avoid as many chemicals and pollutants in my diet as well as in my life.

We are constantly being bombarded with chemicals and stress on a daily basis.  From the food we eat, the lotions and cosmetics we put on our bodies, the water we shower in, the air we breathe—it’s constant warfare.  Although impossible to eliminate, there are many things we can do to reduce the amount of chemicals we are eating and putting on our bodies every day.

The number one complaint I hear about organic food is how expensive it is.  Yes, organic food is expensive, but buying it doesn’t have to break the bank account.  If you are careful about the foods you buy,  if you eliminate the other junk you are eating, reduce the amount of times you visit restaurants weekly basis, you can afford to buy more organic food.

It perplexes me that people are willing to makes cuts in their healthcare, when it should be #1 priority.  Cut back on pedicures, manicures, facials, products, movies, etc. and put more energy into what truly matters.  Your health!

Do what you can when it comes to organics.  I don’t buy everything organic all the time—but I do use a good vegetable brush and a vegetable wash when I’m not buying organic.  Focus on foods that have the heaviest amount of pesticides, hormones, and additives.  These foods include:

1.  Meat

2.  Dairy

3.  Coffee

4.  Peaches

5.  Apples

6.  Sweet bell peppers

7.  Celery

8.  Nectarines

9.  Strawberries

10.  Cherries

11.  Kale

12.  Leafy Greens

13.  Grapes

14.  Carrots

15.  Pears

16.  Potatoes

Please let me know if I forgot anything!

Do the best that you can, but remember these items the next time you go shopping.
The greatest wealth is health.  ~Virgil

He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.  ~Chinese Proverb

Enjoy the season!  Be good to yourself!

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  1. December 6, 2009 10:42 pm

    I personally find that when it comes to buying food that quality is usually much more important than quantity. Meaning that I would rather eat a little of something really good for me than a lot of something not so good for me.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Tim permalink
    December 6, 2009 11:55 pm

    Great information Jeannette! If there was only one food I was going to consume organic, it would be pasture raised organic egg’s. Egg’s from hen’s that are out in the sunlight scratching in the dirt and eating worms and bug’s. Grass fed meat would be next on my list, then pastured raw butter.
    I agree that we should do the best that we can to find the best quality food to consume.

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