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Exercise Enthusiasts & Achievements

August 12, 2010

“Who is that lady with the muscles?”
That is the typical question I am asked whenever someone sees my long time client Janet Tawa working out with me at the gym or on the beach at boot camp class.  She is pretty impressive, which is why I am writing about her (if you are reading this Janet, don’t get embarrassed). 🙂

Janet is an example of someone who has a full-time job, takes care of her grandchildren and home yet still manages to find the time to work out and eat well.  I know this is the typical excuse people have (“I just didn’t/don’t have enough time), but Janet somehow makes the time to fit it in.  Sometimes that means getting up before she goes off to work, meeting her running partner at 5am in order to get it done and out of the way.  She is strong and toned and puts in the work in order to achieve the physique that so many people have asked me about!  Janet, you should be proud of what you are doing in order to stay fit and healthy.  I am happy to be working with you and hope to continue working with you for many years to come.

Janet and I helping Debbie—look at those triceps!

Congrats to Candy Mintz-Moreno on her latest accomplishment-getting off of blood pressure medication!  That is a big deal and I know you are happy.  I (and I’m sure your workout buddies are, too) am very proud of how much work and dedication you’ve put into this summer of fitness!  🙂  Looking forward to seeing continued improvement!

Congrats to Leslie Bezich for losing 15 pounds since starting with me a few months back! Continue to stay motivated Leslie-it is worth it!

I am so happy for these ladies and I hope that you will take the initiative and start making those changes that you’ve been wanting to make in your lifestyle as well.  Start small, take baby steps and major changes will happen over time.

In wonderful health!


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