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For long term weight loss, choose baby steps

April 15, 2013


I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the multiple weight loss products/programs/diets on the market today. HCG diet, The Zone, Coffee Bean pills, The Plan, The Cookie Diet, low carb, low fat, shakes, detox diets, the Master Cleanse, fasting diets—you name it, it’s out there! And we wonder why we’re so confused about what to eat and how to lose weight.

It’s my personal belief that these diets and products do not teach you anything about how to live a lifestyle that will promote a healthy weight for life, not just temporary weight loss (how many people have you seen go on these types of diets, only to gain the weight back?) I find that the best weight loss method that actually keeps the weight off in the long term is taking baby steps. By changing one small habit at a time or by setting a small goal every week, you’re much more likely to stick to your weight loss plan. Because taking baby steps is not overwhelming, doesn’t leave you starving, and is much easier to stick to that a “diet”, you’re more likely to succeed and change your body and health for the long term, not just temporarily.

For example, if you eat dessert every night, you may want to cut back to two times a week to start. Or if you have three tablespoons of dressing with your salad, cut back to one or two. Do you have trouble even thinking about doing one full hour of exercise per day? Start with 15 minutes and see how it feels. One new habit per week does add up and will slowly become a lifestyle change that you can live with. Add one new goal per week and see how these small changes add up!

You may also want to share you new goals with a workout buddy or a good friend who will keep you accountable.

Again, don’t spend countless dollars on diet books, pills and potions that promise to deliver the body of your dreams in 30 days. It just doesn’t happen that way, at least for most people. Choosing baby steps works and you will never feel overwhelmed!

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Your personal trainer,


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