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Detox contradictions

February 20, 2015

Hello. 🙂

It seems that everyone is onto this detoxing trend nowadays, either doing a cleanse, fast, flush, colonic, enema, juicing, saunas, and taking in large amounts of supplements. This is all done for one purpose: getting chemicals out of the body in order to feel better and be healthier. But what stumps me is that most of these very same people have put on their blinders for the sake of beauty. What I mean by this is that these people continue to use products laced with nasty and dangerous chemicals, inject stuff into their faces, dye their hair with ammonia and peroxide, and continue to do things for their “exterior” beauty without even batting an eye at how these very chemicals could be harming their health in the long term. I’m writing about “these” people because at one time, I was one of them. I lived in Los Angeles for 11 years, and it’s certainly a city that glorifies beauty to no end, there’s no denying that! I was eating very clean, spending a lot of money of organic foods, but I still wasn’t cleaning up my skin/body care because I was in a bit of denial about it all. I didn’t want to become overly “obsessed” with the holistic lifestyle. What a load of crap. I was so obsessed with the way I looked that I knowingly put on my own blinders to the disgusting chemicals I was putting on my skin every day in hopes of erasing the signs of aging. Meanwhile, I was spending tons of money on expensive food and clean water. What a contradiction!

I know there are many scientists who will say that our skin doesn’t quite absorb what we put onto it in the way we think, but I guess I don’t want to chance it anymore. Plus, I want to really practice what I preach! I love living a holistic lifestyle and I am proud of it.

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