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Are your surroundings to blame for overeating?

March 12, 2008

I recently read an article in the LA Times Health section in regards to environment and overeating. How much of a part does our environment play in our obesity/overeating epidemic? I believe that it plays a large part in our crisis; however, I do not feel that one should blame advertising for weight loss failures. It is just another excuse for poor behavior and lack of self-control.

I personally feel that in all areas of life, we need to look within when something does not fall in our favor. Regardless of the situation, most likely there was something you could have done, or something that you could have changed. Humans do not like to take responsibility for their failures, plain and simple. It is much easier to put the blame on something or someone else.

I agree with the researchers who claim that the advertising in this country has grown out of control. I could not agree more! But we must open up our eyes and SEE this, not SUCCUMB to it like sheep. McDonald’s sells their food ultra cheap, as does Taco Bell and other fast food chains. As if ice cream isn’t fattening enough, let’s add full candy bars, nuts, and whatever else you can imagine to it (ummm…Coldstone Creamery!). We see ads glorifying the use of alcohol, chocolate, and coffee.

Yes, indulgent advertising is everywhere, and eventually it can creep into your brain and become your reality. It can be a tough system to beat, but not impossible with the right awareness and education.

Please don’t feel sorry for yourself and blame the industry (although it is sick) for your shortcomings. It is up to you to become aware of what a true portion size looks like, what healthful food is, and what your body truly needs to survive.

Do not blame them; instead, become powerful and educated and understand that you are in control and you do have the power to change. Then, once you have mastered self-control, educate as many other people as possible! We can beat the system!


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