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Holistic Health/Fitness “Gurus” Hypocritical?

November 4, 2017

It has come to my attention that people don’t really read blogs anymore, but have moved on to social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I don’t participate excessively on social media for many reasons, but I do have Instagram and Facebook (thinking about eliminating both soon, for another blog at some point). What I’ve noticed recently is that there are so many fitness professionals or holistic health “gurus” who are just downright hypocritical. For example, I recently finished a book called “Tox-sick” by Suzanne Somers. I thought it was an excellent read, but I have an issue with the author. A lot of people will probably hate me for this, as she’s a very well-loved woman, but how can someone who has obviously has a lot of plastic surgery, botox, fillers, possible breast implants…how can one who has had these types of procedures write a book on holistic living? Does she get holistic botox? Holistic fillers? What on earth is she doing?? I never claimed to be a perfect example of holistic living (I really do try), but then again, I haven’t written a book as a foremost expert on the subject either. Really, I have no problem with body modification if that is what makes one happy, but if you’re doing to write a book, walk the walk! 

On social media, it’s worse. Women claiming to be “spiritual”, “holistic”, or “health gurus” are obviously doing things that would otherwise prove that they are the exact opposite of these words. I won’t name names, but it’s very obvious that many fitness folks do what they do for one thing: followers. There is one girl on the internet who is an advocate for breastfeeding (the entire page is mostly dedicated to breast feeding), claims that she is vegan and natural as they come, adamantly preaches the chemical free lifestyle, and has TONS of followers on YouTube. This is all great, but again, another “natural and holistic” woman who has implants. To those who aren’t aware, breast implants are causing major health issues in thousands of women all over the world. They’re not safe or healthy at all! My question to her-why not explant? Could it possibly have to do with the fact that her YouTube page would no longer be without her large breasts?

Oh, how the fitness world has changed since I started some 19 years ago as an intern at the Leo Burnet Adversiting Agency in Chicago. Back then, it was actually about learning your biomechanics and technique. Now, it seems like it’s more about taking that perfect butt shot, breast shot, gaining followers, and pretending to be someone you’re not.

My advice-always be YOU! Be yourself and really, really think about what you’re doing and saying before putting it out there to the world.



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