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Nothing is wrong with the scale

April 28, 2013

If you’re having a difficult time losing weight, it’s probably not because the scale is sub par. We are all unique in what we need to do to lose weight-not one plan works the same for everyone. But before blaming something external for the slow moving numbers on the scale, consider these questions:
1.  How many calories do you need on a daily basis to maintain your current weight? Are you aware of how many you may need for weight loss?
2.  How much are you exercising? Sometimes weight will not budge unless we really kick it into high gear. The leisurely walks in the park may not be cutting it for weight loss.
3.  What is the intensity of your exercise sessions? Easy? Moderate? Hard? If you’re walking at a pace that allows you to stop and smell the roses, you may not be working hard enough for your body to respond appropriately.
4.   Are you eating a lot of processed food? Sugar? Drinking a lot of alcohol? These are some things that may slow down your progress.
5.  Are you sleeping enough? Stressed out by chance? Being stressed and not sleeping enough may effect our ability to lose weight by increasing levels of the hormone ghrelin, which can create the feeling of huger and decreases the body’s ability to lose fat.

Losing weight is definitely not an easy feat for everyone. Check in with some of these questions and see if there is anything else you can add to your program that may facilitate your weight loss efforts.

Best of luck! Let me know if you have any questions at all! 🙂

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